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Our leggings are made in the UK from 95% Cotton 5 % Elastane Jersey.

Our leggings feature an enclosed non roll elasticated waist

The leggings also feature a reversible ankle cuff which can be turned up for shorter babies whilst also keeping their little socks on

All of our styles are cut for both disposable and cloth nappies and can be mixed and matched with our range of hand printed vests and T shirts as well as our persoanlised bibs to really finish off the outfit


Children’s height;

0/4m - 63cm

3/6m 68cm

6/12m - 78cm

12/18 - 86cm

18-24 - 89cm

2/3y - 97cm

3/4y - 104cm

4/5y - 112cm

5/6y - 118cm

6/7y - 128cm

7/8y - 130cm

8/9y - 135cm

9/10y - 140cm

Good egg Handmade leggings offer - NO CODES

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